About This Site

The Blind Owls lead members, Ryan & Kyle Fosburgh, in collaboration with MGK & Associates, created this site to provide free guitar lessons for licks of popular roots music that has influenced them over the years. Their perfectionist nature, combined with a wry sense of humor, makes these lessons unique, informational, and fun.

Although their time is limited, Ryan & Kyle occasionally create customized guitar lessons for acoustic, electric, bass, and blues guitar. You can request a personalized lesson by going to custom lessons on the navigation panel. We hope you enjoy this site, come back often, and tell your friends that want to learn specific licks of their favorite songs.

About The Blind Owls

The Blind Owls are a young band based in western Wisconsin that write, perform, and cover roots inspired music. It's their vision to revitalize traditional roots music of the United States by presenting it in a way that appeals to a current audience. The group is quite versatile, with a wide range of sounds and influences, including but not limited to, pre and post-war blues, blues-rock/blues-boogie, rock 'n' roll, folk, country western, and country-rock.

The Blind Owls recently finished producing their debut album "Rising from the Roots"!  The CD consists of eight original tracks of generally roots-inspired music, and has a quieter, acoustic-like feel to it.  However, the album only represents part of the Blind Owls' presentation style, as the group can also "turn up the volume" and have more of a "full band" sound.  The group is currently transitioning towards this format, but still maintains the ability to turn it down when appropriate.